Payment options: pay per album vs. unlimited plan

Albumdraft has two payment options: Pay per Album and Unlimited Plan.

The Pay per Album option is great for low volume businesses. It’s a no commitment plan and you pay as you go. To use this option, simply click to create a new album and you’ll be prompted to pay for it.

Now, if you plan to proof at least two albums per month, subscribing to the Unlimited Plan is the recommended choice.

By becoming a subscriber you’ll be able to create as many albums as you want. It’s much more cost effective. The following table shows how much you will save per month by opting in for the Unlimited Plan:

Albumdraft Payment Options

Also, by becoming a subscriber you’ll have access to exclusive features:


1. You’ll be able to use your own domain for the album links sent to your clients:

Your album links will be: instead of


2. You can use your own clients’ names on the album url:

Your clients will receive a much more professional link: instead of


The Unlimited Plan is billed annually. You can subscribe now by clicking here.

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