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User Spotlight: Nerida McMurray

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Today we’re featuring Nerida McMurray – Australia’s 10 Best Wedding Photographers (NSW, The Knot. She shares with us a bit of her background, her thoughts on the photography industry, album design and also how Albumdraft has been helping her with the album design process with overseas clients.

Nerida McMurray on AlbumdraftHello.

I’ve been a wedding photographer in Sydney Australia for 10 years now.  In that time I’ve seen the industry change dramatically and only for the better – from film to digital is probably the most obvious development.

As the technology has changed (and continues to do so), I’ve also seen clients expectations, wants and needs change. 

In relation to album design and production – one aspect photographers have had to adjust to, is in their delivery options.  Everyone is ‘busy’ all the time and people want things to be simple, easy and flexible – which is where Albumdraft has helped me enormously.

Being able to liaise with clients over their album design online has not only made communicating with my international clients so much easier but has also freed up an incredible amount of time that I used to spend with clients in the studio.

Nerida McMurray Photography

Nerida McMurray Photography

Many of my clients live overseas but choose to get married in Sydney – they are often ex-pats, eloping, or couples just wanting to combine a wedding and honeymoon all in the one destination.  Sydney has a lot to offer. Conversely if I head overseas for a wedding,  I can be sure our album design process will be seamless across the ocean by using Albumdraft when I am back in Australia – no matter where the clients are based.  It’s straightforward, effective, and everyone loves it.  

That’s how I started using Albumdraft – then I decided to try using it for my local clients as well – and I’m so glad I did.

I’m a really busy person myself, juggling family life and my photography business.  So operating my album design process online in my own time has really freed up my work schedule.

Nerida McMurray Photography

Nerida McMurray Photography

My vision for album design encompasses the story telling aspect of the day which includes loads of moments and details, put together in a clean, clear,  minimalist design.

I genuinely think less is always more – 1 amazing image has more impact on a page than squeezing in 3 or 4 good ones.

I believe a wedding album should be timeless, well balanced and beautiful.

– Nerida McMurray

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