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Four must-know tips for your wedding photography business

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Capturing emotion is what wedding photography is all about. It is probably one of the reasons why you became a wedding photographer and why you are so successful in your career.

Your clients most likely speak highly of you which is why bookings arrive through word of mouth, but all this business might be leading to a common question photographers ask themselves; “how can I improve to become more successful in what I do?”

Capturing your client’s story through a formulated wedding photography package is an art, and when done well, the reward is always a beautiful story. The photos beforehand, the ceremony, the family, the couple and bridal party on location followed by the reception can all form part of a package, but it’s typically after the day in the way of an album that sometimes wedding photographers can fall short.

Are you a professional photographer with a flair of perfection in all you do? Here are a few tips to boost your wedding photography business and make your works outstanding, one of the best and leaving people wanting more.

Wedding photography business unlike other ones is a bit more technical and requires extra effort on your part as a photographer. However it is nothing to worry about because I am here to do the fairy godmother job and give you some wonderful ideas which will guide you accordingly. Thank me later!


1. Practice

Practise, practise, practise! This should be your watchword because practice makes perfect and instills confidence in you. You do not have to wait to get a job to practise what you know and improve yourself. Get models to act as a couple and work on yourself. This will give you an edge over other wedding photographers out there.

Know one thing, no matter how long you’ve been working professionally, whether you’re just starting out or you are a seasoned pro; it’s very important to keep practising and improving generally to keep your skills up to date and stand out from the competition.


2. Be Smart In Making Contacts

Now let’s assume you are just starting off as a wedding photographer, you need to be in the right circle of people. Remember your work speaks for you!
Therefore, a client who was happy with a good work well done will spread the news faster than anything especially the bride (the online album proofing software cames in handy here, let’s not forget that).

While on a job, be extra nice and polite to people you meet there, not just the couple. If you can, get the contact of the event planner as he can easily call you for subsequent weddings he will plan. So whatever you do, leave that smile on your face!


3. Professional Outlook

Be Very Professional in all your dealings so you don’t undersell yourself. Never visit a client at his home, have him come over to your office. There you are in your space and a lot more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to place a suitable price on your services. Remember when you are really good, nobody cares about the price tag.


4. Insurance

Last but not the least, you need to insure your photography gear. Nobody wants his lifetime efforts to go up in flames because of an accident. Do yourself a favor and minimise the liability by insuring your business ahead of time. This will save you endless heartaches and stress. A smart business man is one who anticipates risks and checks them ahead of time, be smart!

These tips are all important and very ideal to getting that professional outlook on your photography thus leaving your clients happier than you met them, at the same time staying happier than you ever were. A wise man would get started on these, I am sure you are one. #Grins


BONUS TIP: Use an Online Album Proofing Software

You see here at Albumdraft we specialise in providing a platform to showcase your client’s wedding day via a professional online album proof. By elegantly displaying your album design, not only will it look great when your clients are viewing their day online, but it will also save you time and energy in the approval process, so you can focus on building the relationship.

It is this attention to detail that will help you become more successful in what you do and see your wedding photography business thrive. After all, providing a smooth online solution to a difficult problem is something we pride ourselves on.

Now given the easy solution, as a wedding photographer, there is no reason for you not to include a wedding album in your photography packages. By doing so, you will not only become more successful, but you will be delivering everlasting memories your clients will cherish forever – without the headaches.

To take your wedding photography business to the next level, we would like you to experience our service. Upon creating an account with us today, we will be more than happy to provide you with two free albums so you can see what we are all about.

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