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New feature: Customize the random string at the end of the album link.

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We just launched a really nice feature: Now you’ll be able to get rid of that random string on the album link and use your own clients’ names!

So, for example, instead of this: albums.yourwebsite.com/rqGic0T5fINkUGO3, your clients will now receive a much better looking and professional link such as:

To use this feature, simply click on the Album Settings menu and choose: Customize album url.

Pretty url Albumdraft

Then, check this:

Use a custom url

This is only available if you’ve set your custom domain. Using your own domain is incredibly easy to setup and your links will look much more professional to your clients. Here are some instructions to help you set your custom domain nowhttps://blog.albumdraft.com/custom-domain/


As always, we’d love to hear back from you :) Send us an email with your feedback: support@albumdraft.com – Also, make sure you’re following us on twitter to know beforehand about new features and updates: https://twitter.com/albumdraft

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