How to use your own domain for the album link sent to your clients.

Carefully follow these instructions to set up your custom domain on Albumdraft:

1. Sign in to your domain/hosting service provider.

2. Add a new DNS record with a type of CNAME. The name of the record should be your desired subdomain (such as ‘albums’) and the value it should point is: – Save this new record and you’re done with the second step!

3. BEFORE SETTING YOUR CUSTOM DOMAIN ON ALBUMDRAFT: Try this online tool and see if it’s working: – Enter the new subdomain and see if you get the green checks (see image below). It may take a couple of hours for your new DNS record to propagate over the internet.

Use this tool to check if your subdomain is working.

Use this tool to check if your subdomain is working.


4. After you get the green checks, go to your Albumdraft account and open the Settings window. Click the Branding tab and then select Custom Domain. Enter the subdomain you created and your domain and click Save:

Albumdraft let's you use your own custom domain.

Done! Your clients will now receive the link with your domain :)

Don’t forget to also customize the url with your own clients’ names. (Click here for more info)

If you have any questions or need help setting up your custom domain, we’ll be happy to assist you! Contact us at

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