How to Design The Perfect Wedding Album and Enchant your Clients

There a lot of wedding albums in creation out there, some designs look exceptional, and some need the extra something to turn them into a perfect wedding album.

Delivering great design is an art. You should not underestimate the process. Plenty of thought needs to go into planning the perfect album, executing this thought pattern will ensure simplicity, and a clean look is maintained. Within this article we hope learn some helpful tips that will assist you in designing the perfect album for your clients.

Tell the story of their day

Good design is modern, simple and elegant, but most importantly the album you create should tell someone’s story. Essentially, through your photos, you are narrating a couples wedding day so keeping to a timeline of the day throughout the album pages is highly recommended.

Also, think about including photos that help showcase the love story. The couple may have missed the smaller details on the day, but with your photos, wedding peripheries like jewellery, flowers and cake can intertwine with the more traditional images.

Think of the wedding album design

Begin by investigating the type of wedding album you will be presenting. Is the album going to be traditional with a limited amount of dry mount pages or is it going to be a magazine style that can include more photos?

Once you know the finished product think about composition and how the page design will look.

Good page design

Ensure you apply the same composition you use in capturing your photos to the album page. Think about leaving some white space around the images and try different page positions to maintain a clean look. At the same time if you have a standout photo, don’t be afraid to fill the page and let the emotion showcase itself. This type of design could also extend to allowing an image span across two pages.

Balance is another critical point to make with simple page design. Like the composition, ensure each page is balanced with the previous to maintain the look.

What to include in your album

Knowing what photos to include in your wedding album, or more importantly what photos to leave out can be the difference between a cluttered design and one that’s clean and pleasing to the eye. Think about what photos are important to the couple and include those and instead of the ones you believe to be more important.

Use a software or a template to help design your album

Many wedding photographers use software like Smart Albums to help create a template for their wedding albums. Good software like the one mentioned will let you change your album design, so it reflects an elegant, clean look.

Group like-minded photos into chapters

When designing your perfect album ensure you tell stories in chapters. In other words, try and keep similarly themed photos on the same page.

With these tips in mind we hope you enjoy designing your perfect wedding album, there’s no doubt you will impress your clients.

Four must-know tips for your wedding photography business

Capturing emotion is what wedding photography is all about. It is probably one of the reasons why you became a wedding photographer and why you are so successful in your career.

Your clients most likely speak highly of you which is why bookings arrive through word of mouth, but all this business might be leading to a common question photographers ask themselves; “how can I improve to become more successful in what I do?”

Capturing your client’s story through a formulated wedding photography package is an art, and when done well, the reward is always a beautiful story. The photos beforehand, the ceremony, the family, the couple and bridal party on location followed by the reception can all form part of a package, but it’s typically after the day in the way of an album that sometimes wedding photographers can fall short.

Are you a professional photographer with a flair of perfection in all you do? Here are a few tips to boost your wedding photography business and make your works outstanding, one of the best and leaving people wanting more.

Wedding photography business unlike other ones is a bit more technical and requires extra effort on your part as a photographer. However it is nothing to worry about because I am here to do the fairy godmother job and give you some wonderful ideas which will guide you accordingly. Thank me later!


1. Practice

Practise, practise, practise! This should be your watchword because practice makes perfect and instills confidence in you. You do not have to wait to get a job to practise what you know and improve yourself. Get models to act as a couple and work on yourself. This will give you an edge over other wedding photographers out there.

Know one thing, no matter how long you’ve been working professionally, whether you’re just starting out or you are a seasoned pro; it’s very important to keep practising and improving generally to keep your skills up to date and stand out from the competition.


2. Be Smart In Making Contacts

Now let’s assume you are just starting off as a wedding photographer, you need to be in the right circle of people. Remember your work speaks for you!
Therefore, a client who was happy with a good work well done will spread the news faster than anything especially the bride (the online album proofing software cames in handy here, let’s not forget that).

While on a job, be extra nice and polite to people you meet there, not just the couple. If you can, get the contact of the event planner as he can easily call you for subsequent weddings he will plan. So whatever you do, leave that smile on your face!


3. Professional Outlook

Be Very Professional in all your dealings so you don’t undersell yourself. Never visit a client at his home, have him come over to your office. There you are in your space and a lot more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to place a suitable price on your services. Remember when you are really good, nobody cares about the price tag.


4. Insurance

Last but not the least, you need to insure your photography gear. Nobody wants his lifetime efforts to go up in flames because of an accident. Do yourself a favor and minimise the liability by insuring your business ahead of time. This will save you endless heartaches and stress. A smart business man is one who anticipates risks and checks them ahead of time, be smart!

These tips are all important and very ideal to getting that professional outlook on your photography thus leaving your clients happier than you met them, at the same time staying happier than you ever were. A wise man would get started on these, I am sure you are one. #Grins


BONUS TIP: Use an Online Album Proofing Software

You see here at Albumdraft we specialise in providing a platform to showcase your client’s wedding day via a professional online album proof. By elegantly displaying your album design, not only will it look great when your clients are viewing their day online, but it will also save you time and energy in the approval process, so you can focus on building the relationship.

It is this attention to detail that will help you become more successful in what you do and see your wedding photography business thrive. After all, providing a smooth online solution to a difficult problem is something we pride ourselves on.

Now given the easy solution, as a wedding photographer, there is no reason for you not to include a wedding album in your photography packages. By doing so, you will not only become more successful, but you will be delivering everlasting memories your clients will cherish forever – without the headaches.

To take your wedding photography business to the next level, we would like you to experience our service. Upon creating an account with us today, we will be more than happy to provide you with two free albums so you can see what we are all about.

Text formatting

You can now easily format the text in the Instructions for Client popup by using these codes:

## big text
# bigger text
*This text will be italic*
**This text will be bold**

To make text centered, use this code:

<center>YOUR TEXT HERE</center>

This is how the above code will look like for your client:


New feature: Ability to archive albums

We just launched a new update that includes some under the hood improvements and a brand new feature: the ability to archive albums.

To archive an album all you need to do is check this box on the Album Settings menu:

Archive an album

The archived albums will now be grayed out on the albums list for easy identification:

Archived Albums on Albumdraft

You can set whether you want to view or hide them by toggling this switch on your dashboard:

We hope that this new feature will help you organize better your albums as they move through your workflow.

As you already know, all feedback and ideas for new features are much appreciated :)

No more confusion due to page numbers

We know how nitpicking clients can be. I mean, if you sell a 40-page album, some clients may wonder “Why are there only 20 pages on this draft!?”. Turns out most of them aren’t that good at differentiating between spreads and pages. :)

To end this headache once and for all, we released a new update that allows you to use page numbering for the client presentation.

Albumdraft page numbering


Now they won’t be asking where are the other 20 pages they paid for!

To change the numbering from spreads to pages, simply click on the Album Settings menu and check this box:



As always, we’d love to receive any feedback and ideas for new features. Simply contact us at

Farewell, flag icon!

To make Albumdraft’s interface clearer for your clients, we decided to drop the finish flag icon and use buttons instead. We hope you like it :)


Albumdraft new interface

Italian language support added


All client proofing screens are now automatically translated into Italian!

Along with italian support, Albumdraft automatically translates the client screens to: Portuguese, Spanish and German. More languages will be added soon :)

User Spotlight: Nerida McMurray

Today we’re featuring Nerida McMurray – Australia’s 10 Best Wedding Photographers (NSW, The Knot. She shares with us a bit of her background, her thoughts on the photography industry, album design and also how Albumdraft has been helping her with the album design process with overseas clients.

Nerida McMurray on AlbumdraftHello.

I’ve been a wedding photographer in Sydney Australia for 10 years now.  In that time I’ve seen the industry change dramatically and only for the better – from film to digital is probably the most obvious development.

As the technology has changed (and continues to do so), I’ve also seen clients expectations, wants and needs change. 

In relation to album design and production – one aspect photographers have had to adjust to, is in their delivery options.  Everyone is ‘busy’ all the time and people want things to be simple, easy and flexible – which is where Albumdraft has helped me enormously.

Being able to liaise with clients over their album design online has not only made communicating with my international clients so much easier but has also freed up an incredible amount of time that I used to spend with clients in the studio.

Nerida McMurray Photography

Nerida McMurray Photography

Many of my clients live overseas but choose to get married in Sydney – they are often ex-pats, eloping, or couples just wanting to combine a wedding and honeymoon all in the one destination.  Sydney has a lot to offer. Conversely if I head overseas for a wedding,  I can be sure our album design process will be seamless across the ocean by using Albumdraft when I am back in Australia – no matter where the clients are based.  It’s straightforward, effective, and everyone loves it.  

That’s how I started using Albumdraft – then I decided to try using it for my local clients as well – and I’m so glad I did.

I’m a really busy person myself, juggling family life and my photography business.  So operating my album design process online in my own time has really freed up my work schedule.

Nerida McMurray Photography

Nerida McMurray Photography

My vision for album design encompasses the story telling aspect of the day which includes loads of moments and details, put together in a clean, clear,  minimalist design.

I genuinely think less is always more – 1 amazing image has more impact on a page than squeezing in 3 or 4 good ones.

I believe a wedding album should be timeless, well balanced and beautiful.

– Nerida McMurray

New feature: Customize the random string at the end of the album link.

We just launched a really nice feature: Now you’ll be able to get rid of that random string on the album link and use your own clients’ names!

So, for example, instead of this:, your clients will now receive a much better looking and professional link such as:

To use this feature, simply click on the Album Settings menu and choose: Customize album url.

Pretty url Albumdraft

Then, check this:

Use a custom url

This is only available if you’ve set your custom domain. Using your own domain is incredibly easy to setup and your links will look much more professional to your clients. Here are some instructions to help you set your custom domain now


As always, we’d love to hear back from you :) Send us an email with your feedback: – Also, make sure you’re following us on twitter to know beforehand about new features and updates:

Added support for single pages at the beginning/end of album

We know that many album companies require the album to open (and close) with a single page (instead of a spread).

Until now, you’d need to manually transform the first/last pages of your albums into spreads so it wouldn’t look distorted on Albumdraft.

Now you don’t need to worry with that :) We’ve just upgraded Albumdraft and added support for singles pages at the beginning and at the end of the album.

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